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RTSoft launches its micro-grid control software AMIGO

Automatic control of micro-grids

At Hanover Fair, RTSoft (hall 2 / fair stand A52) presents for the first time its Advanced Microgrid Optimization Software AMIGO. It can be used wherever renewable energies are generated, stored, distributed, and consumed on a decentralized basis. It monitors, controls, and manages such micro-grids and coordinates, among others, distributed energy resources and storage systems as well as local active and idle power controls (Volt-VAR controllers) and demand-response units. With AMIGO, users reduce the impact of external grids, cut energy costs through peak load management, and reduce maintenance costs through enhanced reliability and the quality of their network control – e.g. as regards active power, frequency, idle power, and voltages. Optionally, they moreover benefit from additional fees for active load frequency control and can even achieve savings related to their grid capacities thanks to the integration of an active demand-response management. 

RTSoft’s modularly scalable micro-grid control software AMIGO can be used wherever energy generation, distribution, and consumption on a decentralized basis as well as, optionally, the grid feed-in are controlled automatically and more than two generators as well as at least one energy storage device should be balanced. Application fields are thus decentralized industrial micro-grids, facility management of universities, civic institutions, hospitals, shopping centers, and other large premises as well as energy-intensive datacenters and safety-critical federal institutions.

The probably smallest micro-grids worldwide

Even e-mobility charging points – the probably smallest micro-grids worldwide – can be managed more efficiently AMIGO as RTSoft demonstrates by means of a Technagon charging station. Possible application fields are private households as well as public parking areas, car-parks, and shopping centers. AMIGO monitors, controls, and manages such tiny micro-grids automatically – e.g. as regards energy storage according to purchase prices as well as charge control and charging station monitoring.

Even e-mobility charging points – the worldwide probably smallest micro-grids – can be managed with AMIGO more efficiently – RTSoft demonstrates it by means.

Since AMIGO is also designed for the micro-grid control of entire cities, it can, within German energy supply companies, easily control micro-grids on substation-level – including active and idle power control (Volt-VAR control) as well as FLISR functions (fault location, isolation, and service restoration). AMIGO’s integrated control system for multiple substations is also suitable for public utility control tasks. Even power storage devices of different brands can benefit from AMIGO and operate virtual power plants. Stand-alone operation without connection to public supply networks is obviously possible.

«AMIGO is a completely new software generation for micro-grid control; thanks to its high modularity and vendor independence, it is tailor-made for most various application possibilities and thus very competitive also on a price basis. It is designed for automatic control of medium and low voltage structures with renewable energy sources, significantly unburdens centralized grid control centers through its autonomous control algorithms, and makes the use of renewable resources particularly economic and sustainable», comments Hubert Hafner, business development manager of the RTSoft GmbH in Ismaning. AMIGO permits reliable modeling and planning of operations and use of energy sources, predictions and real-time optimizations of energy flows, and thus safe and high-grade operation of micro-grids at lowest possible cost. 

The micro-grid management and control software AMIGO runs on centralized servers or as decentralized controller in the micro-grid. Generators, storage devices, UPS, smart meters, and other micro-grid peripherals are connected by AMIGO’s Smart SCADA Server via all common remote control protocols such as IEC 61850 and IEC 870-5-1-101/103/104 or OPC and MODBUS. The core modules of the AMIGO micro-grid control are the control modules AGC (Automatic Generation Control) and V/VC (Automatic Voltage and Reactive Power Control Module) as well as numerous planning, analytics, and optimization modules for the use of resources and the charge flow as well as the connection with superior power supplies and the automatic diagnosis. 

As of now, the Advanced Microgrid Optimization Software AMIGO is available in English. A German version will be available in the second half-year of 2016.


20.03.2016 г.


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