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World Economic Forum-2017: a new prospect for Microgrids

Future development of the international energy segment became a recurring topic during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, which took place in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, from the 17 th to the 20 th of January 2017.

A number of reports and fact sheets focused on the present state and the future possibilities for different types of energy. Highlights include increased access to sustainable energy sources and more stable power supply, further growth of the renewable energy sources market share (up to an estimated 60% in the year 2040), transformation of power supply systems towards decentralized generation, growth of both hydro power plant usage and power supply utilized for water purification.

In the energy sector, three main development routes have been outlined: vehicle electrification, decentralized electric power generation (creation of microgrids – relatively small isolated power grids), smart metering and management of the electric power supply. Several smart metering and smart power management projects are already being implemented in Europe. RTSoft is ready to take up the challenge with its newest product – advanced microgrid optimization system AMIGO. The system is aimed for energy cost optimization, loss reduction, power quality improvement and provision of virtual power plant services. AMIGO also provides forecasting (both short-term and long-term) and automated management services based on the information received from external grids. The concept of AMIGO is well suited to the electricity segment development strategy.

There are, of course, anticipated threats. One of the reports of the annual meeting focused on the potentially drastic consequences of a large-scale solar storm. Massive blackouts may lead to huge aconomic loss (est. up to 6.2 bil. dollars daily for USA only). Cambridge Center for Risk Studies estimates economic loss from solar storms from 140 to 613 bil. dollars in the following five years. The reason of such large estimates is that, during a solar storm, high-voltage lines and electric transformers are the most likely elements to get damaged. Their prompt replacement is usually problematic, thus creating potential for prolonged power outages. Isolated microgrids powered by AMIGO do not have extended high-voltage lines and are less likely to be affected by solar storms. In 2017, a demonstration of AMIGO operation will be made available online. RTSoft is currently planning AMIGO presentations at a number of international events. Check to keep updated.

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