AMIGO Industrial

Designed to solve a number of problems industries are facing in terms of energy management: excessive energy costs, production losses, excessive technological equipment maintenance and repair costs.

Optimized control of industrial power system

AMIGO I provides coordinated management of local generation units, electricity storage devices, factory transformer substation voltage levels and controllable loads in both automatic and semi-automatic modes (decision support mode). AMIGO I architecture is shown in the picture below.


Based on forecasts

Based on forecasts of electricity consumption and renewable generation AMIGO I follows the innovative three-layer load optimization:

  • Long-term (up to one year), leveling the average load on energy sources and taking into account the maintenance and repair schedules;
  • Short-term (day ahead), providing the optimal selection between external energy supply, local generation sources and developing the strategy of electricity storage charging/discharging for forecasted load and weather conditions (recieved from meteorological services);
  • Operational (1 minute ahead), looking for optimal distribution of load between existing sources of energy.

Optimization and control algorithms of AMIGO I operate with power system information model compatible with IEC Common information model standrds.

AMIGO I functionality

  • Preparation and implementation of the most profitable profile of energy purchasing/selling for the planned period of time;
  • Additional earnings from Demand Response/Load Management;
  • Decrease of enterprise energy consumption by input voltage
    stabilization on the minimum allowed levels;
  • Maintenance of acceptable levels of grid parameters and power
    quality for reliable and uninterruptible electric supply;
  • Voltage and frequency control in the enterprise internal grid
    in autonomous mode of operation;
  • Balancing of expenses for electricity, heat
    and freeze locally produced or purchased;
  • Market interaction and optimal pricing
    for energy purchasing on wholesale
    or retail energy markets.




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Information management system providing coordinated management of distributed energy resources, grid mode and configuration tools and local volt/var controls.
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