• Reliable remote off-grid control system
  • Operates both in automatic and semi-automatic (decision support) modes
  • Fulfills energy costs continuous optimization
  • Provides demand response and Load Management
  • Generates income from ancillary services
  • Vendor-independent software

System overview

  • The consumer and prosumer loads or distributed power generation and utility company’s power generators controllers are metered, meter readings forming a dataflow. 
  • Multiple data flows are aggregated and transferred to the control level (AMIGO Edge). The aggregated values are stored in the system database allowing to provide analytical services.
  • Based on stored data, the system provides operational (1 minute), short-term (1 day) and long-term (up to 1 year) load and renewables output forecasts.
  • To implement fuel and moto-hours economy and renewables output, the system automatically activates the economic optimization feature that manages distributed power generation, storage, load etc.
  • To implement demand response service, the system receives information on the amount of load to be shed and distributes this amount optimally between consumers.
  • When the set load limits are not met, the system sends additional load shedding commands.


Utility Island Infrastructure

The system comprises four main levels

  • AMIGO Embedded (optional) – Local controllers providing monitoring and management of individual devices within the framework of a microgrid (field power generation, storages, controllable loads and others).
  • AMIGO Edge - Provides redundant interfaces for load and power generation data collection, interaction of system agents: power generators controllers, сonsumers’ 1– n meters, AMIGO Embedded, etc. AMIGO Edge supports multiple protocols.
  • SCADA (optional) – Provides the necessary human-machine interface for loads and power generation management and telecontrol commands.
  • AMIGO Standalone (optional) – Provides automatic or automated functioning of the following algorithms: deviation management, load shifting, peak shaving, demand response.
  • AMIGO Cloud Services (optional) – Implemented to provide unlimited scalability and redundancy and minimize infrastructure costs.
  • AMIGO Cloud (optional) – Utility Island management system installed on a RTSoft cloud system. AMIGO Standalone full or partial functionality available on Server hosted by S&T Smart Energy.

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